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What is Bedrock Wisdom?

Bedrock is the solid stone that is the underlying layer of the Earth. We use it to describe the ultimate truths that are the foundations of all fundamental principles.

Wisdom is a combination of intuitive insight with understanding that incorporates the knowledge of truth, justice, accountability and sustainability. King Solomon stated that fear of G-d is the beginning of wisdom, as well as its end.

We are an ever expanding group of productive, proactive friends and associates, whose goal is to improve life on an individual, household, community, national and global level.

Our mission is to incorporate bedrock wisdom into all aspects of our life environment, which we all share. All critical issues that we deem resolvable or improvable are in the possible domain of our focus. We don't deal with theoretical, philosophical, or political issues that are outside of the realm of likely resolution. The people in our core group of thinkers are wise, highly motivated, intellectual and successful entrepreneurs, as well as being idealists and dreamers.